KSRA Belt Buckle


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This commemorative, limited-edition, individually-numbered belt buckle was manufactured by S&S Buckle Company right here in Kansas in 1997. Made in USA.


Inscription on the back of the KSRA Belt Buckle:

“The Kansas state rifle association was founded in the 1930’s by a group of high power rifle enthusiasts. In the 1950’s it was reorganized, incorporated, and expanded to include all shooting interests. The KSRA logo was designed by Ernest G. Peck (a Kansas artist and competitor). The red background symbolizes Kansas’ bloody Civil War past. The buffalo played a role in the settling of the state, serving as a source of food, shelter, and fuel as well as an economic resource. The Sharps Rifle symbolizes the prominent role firearms and marksmanship played in early Kansan’s lives. From “Beecher’s Bible” to the firearms in use today, Kansans have kept guns around for sport and recreation — and sometimes protection.”


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