The Kansas State Rifle Association has led the charge to defend the Second Amendment and halt the radical gun confiscation agenda in Kansas for decades.
As the only effective, statewide Second Amendment organization in Kansas, the KSRA fills a number of crucial roles:
  • Key players and those on the periphery alike know us as the consistent voice for our cause and rely on us to define and explain the pro-Second Amendment position when they have questions.
  • Legislators have other issues they have to focus on in addition to the Second Amendment so many of them rely on us to let them know when they need to weigh in and take action to move the ball forward.
  • The attention of national groups is divided across 50 states plus a federal government that seems intent on eliminating every one of our most cherished rights. With our focus exclusively on Kansas, we can provide groups like the NSSF, CSF, NRA, ASA, and more with timely and detailed information on what’s happening on the ground here and when they need to bring their attention to bear on Topeka.
  • There aren’t enough hours in the day for legislative leadership and their staff to hear every idea, consider every policy proposed by a special interest group, or iron out the finer details of great legislation before it is introduced in committee. We help fill the gap by serving as a central hub, facilitating conversations and the free flow of information between legislators, legislative leaders, statewide elected officials, state agencies, national groups, and more.
  • Most importantly, real Kansans don’t live and breathe politics like we do. Most people have lives to live, mouths to feed, jobs or school to do, or businesses to run. Few people can drop everything to head to Topeka on a week day and testify on a bill or talk to their legislators. We help organize those who can play an active roll and do our best to represent the tens-of-thousands who can’t.
As you can see, our legislative team does far more than simply working around the clock to hold politicians accountable for anti-gun positions and votes. With unashamed clarity, we defend the Second Amendment position from before the Legislature gavels in each year to far after each session adjourns Sine Die.
Since 1928, the KSRA has been a force for responsible gun ownership and the shooting sports.
In recent decades, the KSRA has made great strides in defending the Second Amendment in its entirety as it was originally written and intended. We do so effectively without compromising our core beliefs or the rights we hold so dear.

A Few of Our Victories

  • Constitutional Carry – Here at the KSRA we believe that law-abiding individuals should never be required to get government permission to exercise their basic self-defense rights. The KSRA and NRA worked hand-in-hand to push Constitutional Carry through the Kansas Legislature in 2015. We’re proud to say Kansas became the 5th state to protect this fundamental right now enjoyed by Americans in more than half of the nation.
  • Campus Carry
  • Concealed Carry for Military Personnel
  • Concealed Carry for Off-Duty, Out-of-State, and Retired Law Enforcement
  • Statewide Firearm and Knife Preemption
  • Right to Hunt, Fish, and Trap Constitutional Amendment
  • Right to Keep and Bear Arms Constitutional Amendment

The Current Battle

The KSRA recognizes that the battle is far from over. Radical gun confiscation forces in the Kansas House and Senate are trying to dismantle the work we’ve done over the past decade or more. They want to see campus carry repealed, hospitals turned into dangerous ‘gun-free’ zones where only criminals can get away with carrying, and unreasonable fees and processes imposed on any law-abiding gun owner. They want nothing more than to see California’s regulations, Chicago’s bans, and Australia’s confiscation schemes implemented in Kansas.


While the KSRA is the chartered Kansas affiliate of the National Rifle Association, we are not controlled or bankrolled by the NRA or any other national group. We rely heavily on the support of our members to continue the fight.

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Our Historical Mission

The original charter for the Kansas State Rifle Association, filed on December 5, 1928, read that the purposes for which it was formed were:

The promotion and teaching of the use of small arms, rifle practice and marksmanship among the inhabitants of the state for their own pleasure and recreation and for the provision of a reservoir of trained marksmen.

In May of 1978, the articles of incorporation were restated and amended to read that the purposes of the organization were:

(1) To promote and protect the right of free citizens of the State of Kansas and of the United States to keep and bear arms for the defense of their State and country, their families, themselves, and their property, and for all lawful sporting purposes.

(2) To promote safety in the use of all firearms, to promote marksmanship training and citizen responsibility in respect thereto, to coordinate marksmanship programs throughout the State of Kansas, and to promote educational programs for the lawful and responsible use of firearms.

(3) To support the National Rifle Association, good game management, responsible conservation and utilization of wildlife and natural resources, and educational programs relating to the lawful and responsible use of firearms.

Our Identity | Expressed Through Art

According to records, the KSRA logo was designed by Ernest G. Peck, a Kansas artist and competitor. The red background symbolizes Kansas’ bloody Civil War past. The bison played a role in the settling of the state, serving as a source of food, shelter, and fuel, as well as an economic resource. The Sharps Rifle symbolizes the prominent role firearms and marksmanship played in early Kansans’ lives. From Beecher’s Bible to the firearms in use today, Kansans have kept guns around for sport, recreation, provision, and protection.

KSRA Victory Timeline


Concealed carry permit fees eliminated

Kansas Protection of Firearms Rights Act passed, fixing issues in Kansas law that prevented some nonviolent Kansans who had their records expunged from regaining their Second Amendment right to own a firearm

The Attorney General is now authorized to issue documents to concealed carry licensees as an alternative to the normal physical card issued by the Division of Vehicles if the Attorney General determines it is impractical for normal cards to be issued (as in the case of a pandemic or other state of emergency)

Valid licenses to carry a concealed firearm issued by every other state are now recognized in Kansas for non-residents

Provisional concealed carry permit created allowing law-abiding Kansans 18-20 to carry a concealed firearm with a permit

Gadsden flag distinctive license plate created, helping fund firearm education and safety efforts

100% of negative bills defeated

100% of negative bills defeated

Kansas Constitution amended to strengthen right to bear arms

Constitutional carry goes into effect allowing all law-abiding adults 21 and older to carry without a permit within the State of Kansas

Off-duty and retired law enforcement officers, as well as out-of-state law enforcement officers and retired law enforcement officers, allowed to carry a concealed handgun in any building where an on-duty law enforcement officer is authorized to carry a concealed handgun

Local laws on the carrying of knives preempted, wiping out a patchwork of unconstitutional and unreasonable local restrictions on knives and ensure that individuals carrying a knife legally in one part of the state were no longer in violation of a local law just by entering city limits or a different county

Liability protections provided regarding concealed carry for private businesses allowing concealed carry in private buildings

Law enforcement officers from other states and qualified retired law enforcement officers allowed to possess handguns within buildings where concealed carry may be prohibited

Law enforcement officers from other states and qualified retired law enforcement officers allowed to carry a firearm

The privacy of concealed carry holders is guaranteed by a prohibition on the release of their personal records or contact information

School districts, post-secondary educational institutions, public medical care facilities, public adult care homes, community mental health centers, and indigent health care clinics permitted to allow a licensed employee to concealed carry a handgun if the employee meets the entity’s general policy requirements and if the entity does not have a personnel policy prohibiting employees from concealed carry

Liability protections provided for entities allowing concealed carry in state or municipal buildings

Carrying a concealed handgun into most buildings that do not have adequate security measures in place no longer a criminal act

Standards set for adequate security measures a government entity must provide before it can restrict access to concealed carry or label an area as restricted

Government entities like state agencies or municipalities prohibited from banning a licensed employee from carrying a concealed handgun at the employee’s workplace, unless the building has adequate security measures in place and had adopted personnel policies prohibiting such concealed carry by employees who are licensed

Concealed carry allowed in most public buildings, including the State Capitol

Exemptions created for self defense and defense of others in the statutes relating to unlawful discharge of a firearm in city limits so legitimate self defense actions wouldn’t land victims in jail for protecting themselves

Legislation goes into effect guaranteeing that confiscated firearms are returned to the person they were confiscated from unless a related firearm conviction occurs

Legislation passed prohibiting the destruction of surplus firearms by government agencies, requiring that they be sold through an FFL instead and proceeds be directed to law enforcement activities

Legislation passed requiring the chief law enforcement officer of the county to process purchases of NFA items within 15 days so anti-Second Amendment agencies didn’t violate the rights of Kansans by slow-walking or sitting on paperwork required for applications

Open carry preemption becomes law

Penalties increased for stealing firearms and committing crimes with firearms

Statutes repealed to make the purchase and sale of long guns easier

Carrying of a handgun for personal protection while hunting or fishing legalized

Suppressors legalized

Kansas Constitution amended to strengthen right to bear arms

Concealed carry goes into effect


The KSRA isn’t finished, and we’re in no position to rest on our laurels. The anti-gun, Bloomberg crowd wants to eliminate the Second Amendment and strongly restrict our God-given natural right to self defense.

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