The Kansas State Rifle Association has led the charge to defend the 2nd Amendment, and halt the radical anti-gun agenda in Kansas. The KSRA works around the clock to hold politicians accountable for anti-gun positions and votes. Since 1928, the KSRA has been a force for responsible gun ownership and the shooting sports. The KSRA has made great strides in defending the 2nd Amendment, as written. The KSRA is the chartered Kansas affiliate of the National Rifle Association. The KSRA is in no way supported or funded by the NRA. We need your help to continue the fight. Consider becoming a member or making a donation today!


  • Constitutional Carry – Here at the KSRA, we believe that law-abiding individuals shouldn’t be required to get state permission to exercise basic self-defense rights. The KSRA and NRA worked hand-in-hand to push Constitutional Carry through the Kansas Legislature in 2015. We’re proud to say Kansas became the 5th state to protect this fundamental right.
  • Campus Carry
  • Concealed Carry for Military Personnel
  • The 2nd Amendment Protection Act
  • Right to Hunt, Fish, and Trap Constitutional Amendment
  • Right to Keep and Bear Arms Constitutional Amendment

The Current Battle

The KSRA recognizes that the battle is far from over. As we speak, anti-gun forces in the Kansas House and Senate are trying to dismantle the work we’ve done over the past decade or more. They want to see campus carry repealed, hospitals turned into dangerous ‘gun-free’ zones where only criminals can get away with carrying, and unreasonable fees and processes imposed on any law-abiding gun owner. They want nothing more than to see California’s regulations, Chicago’s bans, and Australia’s confiscation schemes implemented in Kansas. NOT ON OUR WATCH!


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The KSRA isn’t finished, and we’re in no position to rest on our laurels. The anti-gun, Bloomberg crowd wants to eliminate the 2nd Amendment and strongly restrict our God-given natural right to self defense.

Our Response?


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