Firearm Safety Resources

Legal firearm ownership is protected by both the US and Kansas Constitutions. But that right also comes with some very real and serious responsibilities. The Kansas State Rifle Association takes gun safety very seriously. Gun safety and responsible firearm ownership are core parts of our mission so we’ve listed a variety of helpful resources below to help you along you regardless of whether you’re a firearm owner, a parent who wants to keep their kids safe in a world with firearms, or even if you have a friend with severe depression or suicidal thoughts and want to find resources to keep them safe.

While people own firearms for many legitimate, legal reasons, they are also a tool that can be used improperly. Many Kansans own firearms to protect themselves and their families. But it’s essential that we remember keeping our families safe doesn’t end with bringing firearms into our homes. Firearms should not be accessible to unauthorized individuals, and should never be left where they can be picked up by a child, stolen by criminals, or accessible by an at-risk person.

Here at the Kansas State Rifle Association, we believe in responsible firearm ownership and we make firearm safety resources available to help anyone looking for more information. Whether you’re thinking about buying your first gun, or your family has owned guns for generations, we hope you’ll use and share these tools to keep everyone safer!

If you’re already familiar with basic firearm safety and want to take your training to the next level, check out our other resources to get more advanced training on firearms!

Learn Gun Safety with Eddie Eagle and the Wing Team!

Other Great Resources You Should Explore

A Teen’s Suicide Prevention Story

Hear the real-life story of a teenager who took all the right steps, including using a Project ChildSafe gun lock, to prevent his girlfriend from attempting suicide.

A Parents Guide to Understanding Youth Mental Health and Preventing Unauthorized Access to Firearms

Parents Guide to Understanding Youth Mental Health and Preventing Unauthorized Access to Firearms.

NSSF and NCPC present Not Cool, Kyle

Scruff teaches kids what to do if a friend brings a gun to school. McGruff’s 4-Steps of Gun Safety: Stop. Don’t Touch. Walk Away. Tell an Adult.

Gun Safety and Storage: Whitney’s Story

Learn about Whitney’s story of safe gun ownership. There are many different reasons why people choose to buy a gun, the common thread among them must be a commitment to store firearms responsibly.

The Kansas State Rifle Association encourages anyone who wants to share lifesaving knowledge about firearm safety with the kids in their life to purchase this great book by our friend, competitive shooter, and mom Julie Golob.