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The Kansas State Rifle Association’s quarterly Chips & Ricochets publication went through significant changes in 2010, transitioning from a simple membership newsletter into something that would provide valuable information to readers. The publication saw another major revamp at the beginning of 2017 aimed at cleaning up the format and making the information more reader-friendly. Each step of the way, we’ve made a real effort to focus on readability and ease of use. With the launch of our new website, we’re focusing on bringing members a new, digital version of Chips that will arrive in your inbox each quarter.

The KSRA board appreciates everyone who has contributed to the publication in the past, and encourages you to continue sending thoughts and suggestions.

Content we need from you:

  • Upcoming events, matches, and gun shows
  • News of interest to our subscribers
  • Hunting stories and photos from other shooting experiences
  • Results from tournaments and other competitions
  • Contact information for local clubs and other organizations
  • Original articles on Second Amendment topics
  • How-to and historical pieces

Submissions must be in electronic format. Please use the form below to submit information. Please attach documents in Microsoft Word, or as a PDF. Please attach high-resolution images, or include a link to download them from a cloud storage location.

Submissions must be received no later than the 15th of the month prior to the date of each publication.

  • January – March issue
    • Deadline: December 15
  • April – June issue
    • Deadline: March 15
  • July – September issue
    • Deadline: June 15
  • October – December issue
    • Deadline: September 15

Items may appear in both the newsletter and web formats.

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