Defending Your Rights through Grassroots Activism and Lobbying

Legislative involvement is absolutely critical when our right to self-defense is at stake. As a 501(c)(4) nonprofit advocacy organization, the Kansas State Rifle Association fights for your Second Amendment rights in the Kansas Statehouse during legislative session, and communicates with legislators and statewide elected officials on your behalf throughout the year.

We’re proud to have worked side-by-side with every national Second Amendment organization on achieving legislative wins over the years, but the truth is even the best national groups are forced to divide their attention across 50 states. The KSRA is the only organization that is completely focused on winning the battle for our right to keep and bear arms here in Kansas. 

Our team has invested literally tens-of-thousands of hours in recent years building relationships with policymakers. They know who we are, respect us, and recognize the KSRA as the voice of Kansas firearm owners. Politicians, staffers, and bureaucrats alike know we’ll take a small win over a big loss any day of the week, but they also know we will never compromise on principle. They gave up asking a long time ago!

Since our founding in 1928, we’ve seen incredible success in promoting the Second Amendment, but we won’t be resting on our laurels anytime soon because there’s still work to be done. We hope you’ll become a member and join us in this fight!

Defending Your Second Amendment Rights at the Ballot Box

The KSRA Political Action Committee (KSRA PAC) exists to win legislative battles before they start by electing pro-Second Amendment legislators and executive-branch champions. This is accomplished by reviewing voting records; rating candidates based on past votes, questionnaire responses, and public statements; and endorsing the best candidate in races across the state.

Campaigns are expensive so success takes an enormous investment of both time and money.

If you believe like we do that defending the Second Amendment at the ballot box is important, learn how you can support the KSRA PAC in its effort to raise the funds necessary to elect the next round of pro-gun champions to state and local government!

Promoting the Shooting Sports to the Next Generation

Youth are the future of the shooting sports. That may sound like a cliché, but whether it is a sitting Kansas Senator who got his start as a KSRA junior member or a current national champion shooter who started competing as a kid with the help of grants from the KSRA Foundation, the data proves the effectiveness of investing in our youth.

Strengthening our culture of firearm safety and increasing appreciation for our outdoor heritage starts with raising the next generation right.

The KSRA Foundation works to ensure that youth shooting sports programs have the resources they need to excel by making funds available to individuals and organizations that promote shooting sports programs, activities for new shooters, and firearm safety events in Kansas. Generally, financial support is limited to junior and women’s shooting events, but other activities are considered if funds are available.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, donations to the KSRA Foundation are tax-deductible. Help the Foundation raise the resources needed to share our firearm heritage with the next generation!

Promoting a Culture of Firearm Safety and Training

One of the KSRA’s core principles is to promote firearm training and build a culture of firearm safety and competence in our state.

In order to make basic firearm safety common knowledge to every Kansan, the KSRA created the Kansas Firearm Training Center as a one-stop-shop for finding certified firearm instructors, firearm safety classes, local gun clubs, indoor and outdoor ranges, and more.

We hope you’ll take advantage of these great resources and share them with your friends!


Our team provides legislative updates throughout session. Read our latest updates and subscribe for alerts.


Your KSRA works closely with the NRA to vet candidates for public office. Learn more about the endorsement process.
Annual meetings and other events are the place to go to learn from 2A speakers, talk to legislators, and check out new gear.


Ongoing practice and training are important. Learn more about upcoming training opportunities.

Welcome to the Kansas State Rifle Association!

About the KSRA

Since 1928, the KSRA has been a force for responsible gun ownership and the shooting sports. In recent decades, the KSRA has made great strides in defending the Second Amendment in its entirety; as it was originally written and intended. And we have done so without compromising our core beliefs or the rights we hold so dear.

As the only effective, statewide Second Amendment organization in Kansas, the KSRA fills a number of crucial logistical roles in addition to leading the charge to defend the Second Amendment and halt the radical gun confiscation agenda. With unashamed clarity, we defend the Second Amendment position from before the Legislature gavels in each year to far after each session adjourns Sine Die.


  • Constitutional Carry – Here at the KSRA, we believe that law-abiding individuals shouldn’t be required to get state permission to exercise basic self-defense rights. The KSRA and NRA worked hand-in-hand to push Constitutional Carry through the Kansas Legislature in 2015. We’re proud to say Kansas became the 5th state to protect this fundamental right…. read more
Legislative involvement is critical when our right to self-defense is at stake. The KSRA fights for your Second Amendment rights in the Kansas Statehouse every day of session.
The KSRA Political Action Committee (KSRA PAC) reviews voting records, rates and endorses candidates for public office, and raises funds to elect pro-gun champions to state and local government across the state.
Youth are the future, and the KSRA Foundation works to ensure that youth and women’s shooting sports programs have the resources they need to excel. The Foundation is focused on the next generation and building a culture of appreciation for the shooting sports.
Adequate training is essential for a safe culture of firearms in Kansas. Exceptional training gives individuals the tools to compete in the shooting sports at the highest level internationally, bag their family a meal, or defend themselves from violent criminals intent on harm. The KSRA supports training efforts and provides access to information and resources through our Kansas Firearm Training Center initiative.

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Led the charge on defending existing freedoms and passing concealed carry, campus carry, public building carry, constitutional carry, and two state constitutional amendments in Kansas.
Helped elect dozens of pro-gun elected officials at every level of state and local government, ensuring that our rights have champions standing in the gap.
Worked with the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks and other state agencies to loosen restrictions on law-abiding sportsmen and eliminate outdated regulations.