While the list of victories below is far from exhaustive, we’ve attempted to share a representative sample of the major victories the Kansas State Rifle Association has been a part of over recent years. Rest assured, we’re going to keep fighting for your freedoms just as hard in the years and decades to come!

Right to Keep and Bear Arms Constitutional Amendment

The Second Amendment is sacred to millions of Americans. And we like to think Kansas is the most pro-gun state in the union. The overwhelming support shown at the polls for additional protection of our right to keep and bear arms was only made possible by the work of the KSRA to shepherd the constitutional…

Right to Hunt, Fish, and Trap Constitutional Amendment

The right to hunt and fish is one we hold dear as Kansans. Through the work of the KSRA and NRA’s #KSYesOn1 #RightToHuntAndFish Constitutional Amendment campaign, the amendment made it on the ballot and passed by a landslide.

Concealed Carry for Military Personnel

Military families are frequently shipped across the country on short notice. We trust these men and women in uniform to bear arms to protect our freedom. We can trust them to carry a firearm for personal defense as well. The KSRA worked to reduce concealed carry restrictions on members of our military.

Free CCLs

Even with the passage of KSRA-backed Constitutional Carry, there are still benefits to having a concealed carry permit due to federal law. The KSRA doesn’t believe you should ever have to pay exorbitant fees to exercise constitutionally-protected rights so we worked with the Attorney General and legislative allies to make Kansas the second state in…

Campus Carry

So-called ‘gun free zones’ do nothing to prevent criminals from committing acts of violence. Instead, they encourage illegal activity by prohibiting law-abiding citizens from carrying weapons for self-defense. After years of work by the KSRA and allied organizations, campus carry became the law of the land on July 1, 2017.

Constitutional Carry

Here at the KSRA, we believe that law-abiding individuals shouldn’t be required to get state permission to exercise basic self-defense rights. The KSRA and NRA worked hand-in-hand to push Constitutional Carry through the Kansas Legislature in 2015. We’re proud to say Kansas became the 5th state to protect this fundamental right.

Concealed Carry

Prior to 2006, most Kansans were prohibited from exercising their right to carry a concealed firearm for personal protection. However, through the hard work of KSRA board members and legislative allies, the Kansas Legislature passed the Personal and Family Protection Act, making Kansas a ’Shall-Issue’ state in spite of the Governor’s veto.