Member & Supporter Resources

The Kansas State Rifle Association is proud to offer the following resources to members and supporters:

Support the Kansas State Rifle Association by Joining the USCCA

As a member or supporter of the Kansas State Rifle Association, you’re entitled to receive a discounted membership to the US Concealed Carry Association. Plus, if you sign up using this link, the KSRA will receive a donation from the USCCA in your name. Want to learn more? Head on over to the USCCA website!

Defend the Second Amendment at the Federal Level: Join the NRA

The Kansas State Rifle Association defends your right to keep and bear arms at the state and local levels where policies impact you on a daily basis. But our rights are also under attack at the national level. As the state affiliate of the NRA, we encourage our members to join the national organization as well.

Civilian Marksmanship Program

The KSRA is a proud supporter of the Civilian Marksmanship Program. Learn more.